This is under construction, it may still be a bit buggy and the queries aren't perfect. Just be patient as it grows. Check out the Nexuiz Ninjaz Servers Thread on for questions, comments and concerns.

This page uses ajax to load the server information so you don't have to refresh the whole page and query every server. Just click 'refresh' in the header of the server you want more recent information on. Checked servers will refresh automatically every 150 seconds (2 and a half minutes).

Flag times are currently just an experiment, I'm not sure how often they will be updated I have to write some more code to sync the logs to keep them up-to-date. They are here for now though, so lets enjoy them as they are :D.

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Currently out of the cycle

There are some more or less "retired" server configs that are left on the shelf due to a lack of popularity. They can be put online by request, talk to -z-.

dc3 - Keyhunt -

dc7 - Last Man Standing (LMS) -

p1 - Shobo One -


IRC (Live chat)

If you have any questions, are looking for help or would like somebody to play with, check out #nexuiz.ninjaz on

You can watch the chat going on inside the game servers and participate on IRC. #nn.servers on or chat.nn for a quickie, which also includes #nexuiz, the official Nexuiz chatroom. You can probably find even more people to play with there :).

cvars and cmds

You can find a list of all possible cvars and cmds for these servers here: As a regular user, you will not be able to do much with these.

Binds to connect to the servers:

For users with the ninja pack, add the following to your "nn_startup.cfg" file, users without it, add it to "autoexec.cfg" in your data directory.

The most up-to-date ninja pack can be found here:

bind end "exec nn_servers_connect.cfg; echo ^8-^7=^1[ ^4 NN Servers Loaded ^1]^7=^8-; bf"

This code will load the file you'll be creating next, "nn_servers_connect.cfg", also in your data directory. Paste the following inside that file.

bind KP_9 "connect" // p1
bind KP_8 "connect"       // p0
bind KP_7 "connect"    // LMS
bind KP_6 "connect"    // CTF Light
bind KP_5 "connect"    // Minsta
bind KP_4 "connect"    // Race
bind KP_3 "connect"    // Keyhunt
bind KP_2 "connect"    // CTF Hook
bind KP_1 "connect"    // CTF Veterans
bind KP_0 "connect"          // dojo

Now when you press "end", these binds will load and allow you to connect to the servers using the numpad. For users with the ninja pack, simply press "page up" to go back to your default binds. Users without the ninja pack, I suggest you reload you other binds using a similar strategy as display above.